Unisex Aero Jacket With Pockets - #WFITKITPARENT

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Fit kit package for Aero Jacket with Pockets sizes XS-XL.

$100 Deposit refunded at time of return.

Kit may include mixed styles.

Shipping covered by Wattie Ink.

Please contact your Account Manager with any questions.


A staple of any athletes arsenal to help cope with changing weather conditions during racing or training. The aero wind jacket is proudly handcrafted in the Wattie Ink. factory in San Diego, California-USA using the finest imported Italian fabrics providing a warm, luxurious fit. We finish this premium jacket with an Italian wind-stop material, mesh back, and reflective rear pockets.


    This is a unisex item, so for Women you'll need to order one size down, so if you wear a size women's medium jersey, then you'll need to order a size small in this item.

    Please refer to our sizing charts for detailed measurements.