Template Team Classics Collection Aero Arm Warmers - #100

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Please refer to our sizing charts for detailed measurements.

A staple of any athletes arsenal to help cope with changing weather conditions during racing or training. The Black Collection arm warmers are proudly handcrafted in the Wattie Ink. factory in San Diego, California-USA using the finest imported Italian fleeced fabric providing a warm, soft, luxurious feel. We finish the warmers with a premium silicone griper that holds them comfortably and securely in place.

This is a unisex item, so for Women you'll need to order one size down, so if you wear a size women's medium jersey, then you'll need to order a size small in this item.

  • Manufactured with a fine fleece fabric for a warm, soft, luxurious fit
  • Finished with a premium silicone gripper that holds them comfortably in place.